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Hi! I’m Sam/Sammy/that smelly person over there and I've self-published two LGBTQ+ mystery novels called Stitches and Scar Tissue. I earned my Bachelor's in English and Creative Writing from Southern New Hampshire University and I'm currently pursuing my MFA. I possess a deep love of books and I've been writing stories since I learned to read. Click around to learn more about me, read my latest blog post, or find me on social media!

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I've been writing since I learned how to read and realized I could create my own stories. My head's always been full to bursting with characters and settings and plots, and my passion is arranging all of those pieces into something that others can understand and enjoy. When I'm not writing, my hobbies include video games, taking care of my plants, and painting.

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October 31, 2018

April 3, 2020

Coming in 2022

Stitches follows Jim Wolfe, a PTSD-riddled Army Ranger turned private investigator. Between his questionable relationship with a Romanian restaurateur’s son, and investigating the disappearance of a famous musician’s daughter with his partner, Scarlett Vaughn, Wolfe has a lot on his plate. When a string of grisly murders centering on college students grab the city of Boston by the throat, Wolfe finds himself entangled in more than one mystery. While Wolfe and his partner attempt to unravel the threads connecting the killings to their missing rock n’ roll heiress, Sebastian Codreanu discovers how deeply his father is tied to the recent crime spree, and the Mass Art Murderer plots his masterpiece. Everything is not what it first appears to be, and everyone has a secret.

Stitches received a silver medal review from The International Review of Books and was a finalist in the LGBTQ category at the 2019 Independent Author Network's Book of the Year Awards.

Three months have passed since the Mass Art Murderer terrorized the city of Boston. Army Ranger turned private investigator Jim Wolfe and his partner, Scarlett Vaughn, spent the summer working cases and training their new intern, Sebastian Codreanu. When a campaign event for gubernatorial candidate Christopher Sullivan is disrupted by gunfire, Wolfe and Scarlett team up with Boston Police Detectives Kamienski and Silent Mark to protect Christopher and his family in the days leading up to the primary election. Meanwhile, CIA agents David Wolfe and Diana Johnson unravel a sinister conspiracy at a mental institution, Jake Wolfe struggles with the aftermath of the Mass Art Murders, and Caitlin Sullivan tries to get married without bloodshed... but it's not a party until somebody dies. Your favorite characters from Stitches return in this face-paced, darkly humorous romp through New England.

Synopsis coming soon!


Most recent appearance: Samantha Simard @ Berwick Public Library (09/14/2020)

I was invited back to the Berwick Public Library for the second time to speak about Scar Tissue, Stitches, and all things writing and self-publishing. Berwick Community TV and Ralph Morang Photography were gracious enough to film and edit it for me. Enjoy!

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